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Position paper - AmCham EU response to the public consultation on the Sustainable Product Policy initiative

9 Jun 2021


The Circular Economy Action Plan and the Sustainable Product Initiative (SPI) roadmap emphasise the importance of improving information flows across value chains and to consumers as well as the benefits digitalisation could bring in this respect. They clearly recognise the need to revise the Ecodesign Directive and propose additional legislative measures as appropriate, with the aim of making products placed on the EU market more sustainable.
Consumers, the environment and the climate will benefit from products that are more durable, reusable, repairable, recyclable and energy-efficient. Whether the harm produced by products is to the environment, society or directly to people, all damage results – directly or indirectly – in a threat to human health.
The Sustainable Products Initiative is one of many initiatives that are currently being drafted or submitted for consultation or that have recently been published by the Commission which are aimed at fostering the manufacturing and consumption of more sustainable goods. Such initiatives include: the EU Strategy for Textiles; the ‘Safe and Sustainable-by-Design’ concept in the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability; the Strategy for a Sustainable Built Environment; the review of the rules on end-of-life vehicles; the proposal on Substantiating Green Claims; and the Circular Electronic Initiatives, among many others (including eg eco-design requirements for specific product groups). Coherence among all policies is therefore critical to guarantee predictable and clear regulatory frameworks.

Download our position paper and consultation response below to read more about AmCham EU's position.