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The importance of the transatlantic economic relationship

23 Jun 2020
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Trade & External Affairs

Roger Coelho, Senior Policy Director, AmCham EU, gave a presentation on Tuesday, 16 June to the Council of American States in Europe (CASE) for its 'Virtual USA Investment Roundtable'.

In his presentation to an audience of representatives from US States and businesses from across Europe, Roger highlighted the importance of the transatlantic economic relationship with an emphasis on investment. As highlighted in AmCham EU’s annual Transatlantic Economy report, investment drives the transatlantic economy.


The US and Europe are each other's primary source and destination for foreign direct investment - 50% of global investment into the US comes from Europe and 61% of US global investment goes to Europe. This mutual investment creates a dynamic marketplace that fosters job creation and drives innovation on both sides of the Atlantic. The presentation was also an opportunity to share the experiences of AmCham EU’s members and their support for transatlantic investment. Find out more about the link between Europe and the US from our Thriving Together platform.