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Efficiency and effectiveness – ongoing projects assessing how should AmCham EU operate and remain robust and relevant in this world

24 Feb 2021
All Committees
Operations Group

As per AmCham EU’s strategic plan for 2021, we kicked off the following projects:

  • Ensure that the investments and revenues fit with the long-term strategy.
    • The Dues Working Group is assessing the dues level and our business model during/post-Covid with a focus on long-term business continuity;
    • The Secretariat to evaluate our IT tools and CRM to streamline (manual) processes; and digitally better serve our members and engage with stakeholders.
  • Ensure AmCham EU’s governance structure is 'fit for the future'.
    • The Governance Working Group will assess our compliance with the new Belgian Company Code; streamline our processes; and re-assess our governance structure.

We will present the outcome of these projects at the upcoming Annual General Meeting in June 2021.

Should you wish to contribute to any of these projects, please feel free to contact Max Santy, Senior Operations Director (