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AmCham EU offers feedback on EU cybersecurity law

12 Oct 2020
Digital Economy
Intellectual Property

On Friday, 2 October, AmCham EU responded to a consultation on the directive of network and information systems (NIS). Find the consultation here and supporting paper here. AmCham EU supports the NIS Directive in its current form, with minor modifications. We advocate for:

  • Keeping reporting obligations as straightforward as possible, while respecting the clear distinction in function of operators and providers of services.
  • Clear guidance on how GDPR and the NIS directive apply in tandem.
  • Ensuring that operators of essential services are equally regarded as such in all MS.
  • Avoiding overdefining which sectors qualify as operators of essential services.
  • Exemptions for sectors where sector-specific legislation already provides for cybersecurity requirements, such as telecoms networks.
  • A voluntary, business-to-business information sharing facility in the field of cybersecurity.