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European Elections

Your vote counts

On 6-9 June, millions of European citizens will go to the polls across the 27 EU Member States. Their choices will determine the composition of the European Parliament, the direction of the 2024-2029 mandate and the future of Europe.

Democracy draws legitimacy from civic participation. AmCham EU encourages all eligible EU citizens to make their voices heard. Individual choices can lead to decisive action from elected officials on the issues that everyone.

Learn more about registration, election processes and timelines in your country on the European Parliament’s elections page.


Standing alongside citizens, American businesses committed to Europe have a responsibility to create a brighter future. 

Attractiveness of Europe, an Agenda for Action 2024-2029 outlines our policy priorities for the upcoming legislative mandate. AmCham EU stands ready to be a valued and trusted partner to the incoming European Parliament in shaping Europe’s future.

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