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Digital Single Market

Fostering the digital transformation of the economy and society and creating the right regulatory environment for data-driven technology is a key priority for AmCham EU.

Our membership represents a wide range of actors in the digital economy, including providers of internet services, software, content, telecommunications and technology equipment, to manufacturing companies and non-tech service providers, among others.

We support the creation of a Digital Single Market where online services, goods and data can move freely.

This is crucial to enable start-ups and technologies to scale-up and make Europe globally competitive. Regulation can play a role in removing market access barriers across the EU, and where market failures exist, ensure fair competition, trust and security. To support investment and innovation and considering the fast-evolving nature of the digital economy, we believe that any regulation must be technology-neutral, targeted and based on global and forward-looking principles.

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Annual Transatlantic Digital Economy Conference

Each year, AmCham EU holds a conference focused on digital issues.

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