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Humans have been exchanging goods, services and ideas across borders for thousands of years. But the way we trade is changing.

AmCham EU’s work on trade explores the many benefits that trade can bring to people, business and the world. At the same time, we recognise that the new global economy is changing our societies in new and sometimes challenging ways. That’s why we are exploring ways to strike the right balance on trade – so that the new global economy benefits everyone.


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EU-Japan FTA to boost strategic and economic partnership

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The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement: An Opportunity to Boost our Strategic and Economic Ties

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The path forward for EU trade policy: Reflections from the US business community in Europe

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"It is critically important for businesses and workers that America does not retreat from the world stage. For a century, the U.S. has predicated its economic and strategic success on advancing global economic integration and development. American companies of all sizes rely on open markets to thrive in what is today a ferociously-competitive global economy."

In a new op-ed featured in The Hill, Susan Danger, CEO, AmCham EU, reiterates the importance of US engagement in world trade in the context of the EU-Japan trade deal.

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31 million jobs

in the EU 

depend on trade

with the rest

of the world

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European small


export to the rest

of the world

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The EU is the top

trading partner

for over

80 countries

around the world

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"In the past, we may not have talked enough about trade because we believed that its effects – economic prosperity, innovation and of course job creation – spoke for themselves."

By Susan Danger, CEO at AmCham EU

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