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Management Groups


The Board provides strategic guidance to the Association and maintains continuity of policy for, and overall quality of actions. The Board is responsible for initiating studies of long-term needs. The Board agrees on appropriate resources and structure and oversees overall administrative management of the Association. AmCham EU governance involves three management groups: the Policy Group, the Communications & Marketing Group, and the Operations Group. Each is directly responsible to the Board.

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The Policy Group is responsible for overall coordination of AmCham EU activities organised in pursuit of the members' policy objectives. The Group is composed of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of all AmCham EU Committees, Groups and Task Forces and reviews and approves their activities.

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Communications & Marketing

The Communications and Marketing Group is responsible for AmCham EU's integrated communications plan, including promotion, publications, communications, marketing and press activity. 

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The Operations Group manages the financial and other resources of the organisation to meet agreed objectives and to satisfy needs of existing members. The Group seeks new members, prepares annual budgets, quarterly financial reports of income and expenditure and prepares annual accounts.

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Our flagship initiatives 2019

Read our policy priorities 2019

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*Last update: February 2019


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Policy areas

Policy work is the DNA of AmCham EU. AmCham EU committees and groups work on more than 100 policy issues each year. 

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Benefiting from the expertise of over active 750 business professionals, AmCham EU has acquired a strong reputation for its publications.

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Meet the secretariat

The Secretariat works on behalf of AmCham EU members' interests, and is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the chamber.

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Our position

In 2018 we published over 86 position papers on a range of issues.

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