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The Future of Work

Globalisation, technological innovation and new demographic trends are changing global, European and national labour markets. These developments will bring significant challenges, but also unparalleled opportunities.

AmCham EU and its members are active participants in preparing for the future of work.
Our Future of Work, Education and Skills Task Force is dedicated to these issues and will support policy-makers in achieving a smooth labour transition. We will be sharing examples of how companies are preparing for the future of work addressing challenges in innovative and unique ways. Our aim is to encourage the exchange of best practices of governments and industry and share recommendations with businesses, policy-makers and educators.


Businesses, think-tanks, NGOs and associations are trying to assess the myriad of changes that automation, AI or digitalisation will bring to employees. There is an enormous amount of information available from every possible point of view. 

To focus the discussion, AmCham EU and Mercer have identified the key disruptions that will impact business needs and the available human capital. Based on this, we developed concise recommendations for action that aim to ensure workers are equipped with the rights skills that will be necessary for success in future labour markets. This knowledge and its application will be essential for continued growth in the EU and for the Union to retain its attractiveness for business investment.


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A global perspective on the future of work: how to get it right

A global perspective on the Future of Work: how to get it right

The Future of Work will pose significant challenges, but will also present unparalleled opportunities. While conversations on how to prepare for this transition tend to remain EU-focused in Brussels, this issue affects countries around the world.

On Wednesday, 10 October, AmCham EU welcomed government and business leaders, including three Ambassadors, to gain a global perspective on the Future of Work and to exchange best practices.

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