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Recently Published Position Papers
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Document title Date added
   AmCham EU position on how to make REACH Authorisation work 8-Dec-2014
   AmCham EU Position on Extraterritoriality in Financial Services Legislation 3-Dec-2014
   AmCham EU responds to the European Commission SWD on Pharmaceutical Industry - 12.11.2014 20-Nov-2014
   AmCham EU Letter to Commissioner Hill 14-Nov-2014
   AmCham EU Letter to Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, MEP on Benchmarks 14-Nov-2014
   AmCham EU position on the Weight of Evidence 12-Nov-2014
   AmCham EU position on Air Quality Package proposal 12-Nov-2014
   AmCham EU response to European Ombudsman consultation on transparency in TTIP 5-Nov-2014
   AmCham EU's response to the European Commission's Consultation on the Europe 2020 Strategy 30-Oct-2014
   AmCham EU’s response to the European Energy Security Strategy 29-Oct-2014
   AmCham EU’s position on the proposed EU Regulation on conflict minerals 17-Oct-2014
   AmCham EU position on Infrastructure Investment 15-Oct-2014
   NIS Directive: Getting the Scope Right 14-Oct-2014
   Medical devices and invitro diagnostics: designing a safer system for the future 9-Oct-2014
   AmCham EU's position on Bank Structural Reform 3-Oct-2014
   AmCham EU's Consultation Response on the Commission's Impact Assessment Guidelines and Stakeholder Consultation Guidelines 29-Sep-2014
   Building effective, accessible and resilient health systems in Europe 22-Sep-2014
   AmCham EU’s response to Framework 2030 for Energy and Climate 12-Sep-2014
   Joint association comparative table of the EU proposal on conflict minerals with existing schemes 11-Sep-2014
   Final Response to the Commission Consultation on the Potential Economic Consequences of Country-by-Country Reporting 11-Sep-2014
   AmCham EU response to the public consultation on the impact assessment on possible measures to increase transparency on nanomaterials 5-Aug-2014
   AmCham EU position on Treated Products under Biocidal Products Regulation 17-Jul-2014
   AmCham EU’s response to the EC public consultation on ISDS in TTIP 17-Jul-2014
   AmCham EU’s response to ETS post-2020 carbon leakage provisions 16-Jul-2014
   AmCham EU concerned about plain packaging measure as precedent to impair intellectual property rights 11-Jul-2014
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