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Recently Published Position Papers
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Document title Date added
   Joint association statement on trademark reform and diversion of OHIM funds 15-Apr-2015
   Cross-industry statement on the Winkler report on conflict minerals 31-Mar-2015
   Draft INTA report adds to the fresh impetus on the TTIP debate 25-Mar-2015
   Joint Statement EU AmChams in Advance of Informal Trade Ministers Meeting 25-Mar-2015
   AmCham EU position on the Commission Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) 20-Mar-2015
   Healthcare-related provisions of TTIP: what is at stake? 18-Mar-2015
   Cross-industry recommendations for better regulation in chemicals management 18-Mar-2015
   AmCham EU position on proposed Swedish taxation on hazardous substances 3-Mar-2015
   AmCham EU comments on the track and trace provisions under Tobacco Products Directive 26-Feb-2015
   AmCham EU comments on the proposal on the disclosure of on the protection of undisclosed know-how and business information, also known as trade secrets. 26-Feb-2015
   AmCham EU position on 6 digit HS code 22-Jan-2015
   Joint Statement on European Commission Release of the TTIP Investment Consultation Report 13-Jan-2015
   AmCham EU Response to Public Consultation on defining criteria for identifying Endocrine Disruptors in the context of the implementation of the Plant Protection Product Regulation and Biocidal Products Regulation 19-Dec-2014
   AmCham EU position on REACH Authorisation: Substance RMOA process and the REACH Substance Evaluation Process 19-Dec-2014
   AmCham EU position on how to make REACH Authorisation work 8-Dec-2014
   AmCham EU Position on Extraterritoriality in Financial Services Legislation 3-Dec-2014
   AmCham EU responds to the European Commission SWD on Pharmaceutical Industry - 12.11.2014 20-Nov-2014
   AmCham EU Letter to Commissioner Hill 14-Nov-2014
   AmCham EU Letter to Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, MEP on Benchmarks 14-Nov-2014
   AmCham EU position on the Weight of Evidence 12-Nov-2014
   AmCham EU position on Air Quality Package proposal 12-Nov-2014
   AmCham EU response to European Ombudsman consultation on transparency in TTIP 5-Nov-2014
   AmCham EU's response to the European Commission's Consultation on the Europe 2020 Strategy 30-Oct-2014
   AmCham EU’s response to the European Energy Security Strategy 29-Oct-2014
   AmCham EU’s position on the proposed EU Regulation on conflict minerals 17-Oct-2014
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